About Us

Our Experience & Evolution As an Appraisal Firm Over the Decades


Our firm was originally formed in New York, in the late 1980's, and began doing business in its Florida Headquarters in 2002. 

After decades of  serving Florida Banks & Lending Institutions, plus national firms such as Barclays  and now defunct Lehman Brothers,  

our focus has shifted in recent years . We now primarily offer our Commercial Property & Business Appraisal & Valuation services 

to Private Lenders, Buyers, Brokers, Sellers, Owners and Attorneys & CPAs on behalf of their Clients. We provide, speedy, professional and accurate market value appraisals. We appraisal of forms of Commercial Real Estate and Land.  We are "Small Business" Appraisal Experts. 

 In short, we have the Experience, the Research Data and the Professional Skill Sets needed to provide you with the highest level of expertise available in the Profession.  We are licensed and equipped to appraisal/value your Commercial Property 

or Business located anywhere in the State of Florida. Call us now to get started.

Our Approach to Value Services


Our Clients have different needs. We tailor our Appraisal Services to meet your assignment needs, without the inclusion of costly less relevant, broad market data, while still providing work products that are in full compliance with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) and the Appraisal Foundation (Washington, DC).

Why Us?


Supreme Knowledge, Abundance of Research Data, Technical Expertise in Appraisal Methodology, Competitive Fee Pricing, Quick Delivery Times, Excellent Customer Service, 

Total Accessibility for Clients.  Responsive to your needs.  

We deliver.